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Add a fresh and trendy look to your barrel with this spiral fluted Redirect Sleeve! Redirect even more of your sound and muzzle blast forward with this extended 13/16-16 threaded Sound Redirect Sleeve!Made out of 6061 Black Anodized, this light-weight sleeve redirects a notable amount of the sound and gases that come out the end of your barrel! Compatible with our 13/16-16 thread adapters and Infinite 13/16-16 Muzzle Devices! Check out this sleeve's companion, our Infinite Muzzle Devices which feature 13/16-16 external threads! 


Inner Threads - 13/16-16

Material - Black Anodized Aluminum

Texture - Smooth

Length - 5-3/4 in

External Diameter - 1-3/8 in


5.75" Spiral Fluted Sound Redirect Fake Suppressor

Excluding GST/HST
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  • This is a fake can attached to your muzzle device in order to redirect the sound froward away from shooter. It has no sound reduction effect at all. *

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